Best Metro Networks in The World

Best Metro Networks in The World

Dozens of cities have developed a travel-by-train network which is a godsend for the people in the city. But a question always lurks in our mind: Which city has the best one? While there is no international standard that ranks metro networks, these metro networks can be argued as the world’s best.

Hong Kong:

If a ranking was released based on consumer’s opinion, Hong Kong’s MTR will be the undisputed king, and you will realize that after your first step into the surprisingly clean, cheap, and convenient system of trains that reaches the farthest corners of the city. Facilities like Free WIFI, tactile flooring, and Braille plates are a plus.


While MTR in Hong Kong is widely praised, Seoul’s own metro system is nothing short of immensely convenient. I mean, this is one of the only networks that’s got cellphone service undergrounds, that is a winner alone in the race. Moreover, you have WIFI, TVs, climate-controlled seating, and so much more.


SMRT came into existence after an amalgamation of a number of transit-service providers. The network is known now to miraculously transit over 600 million passengers a year. The insides are always air-conditioned, that’s the reason why a lot of people find is as a safe haven to escape from the heat outside.